Gondomil House | Turism at the Douro

Be a part of the river, Being apart from it all.

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Points of Interest

View Pontos de Interesse Casa de Gondomil - Alpendorada in a larger map

0. Casa de Gondomil

1. Cais de Bitetos (Bitetos quay)- 500m downstream from Casa de Gondomil. Strategic point for the anchorage of cruising and recreational boats that navigate in Douro River. It has a beach with lifeguard and coffee house with terrace. - 3 minutes (by boat)

2. Ilhota do Outeiro (Outeiro Island) - 750m downstream from Casa de Gondomil. Across the river, right opposite from Bitetos quay (“Cais de Bitetos”), where Paiva River flows into Douro, also known as “Ilha dos Amores” (Love Island). It is a classified heritage. - 5 minutes by boat

3. Convento de Alpendorada (Alpendorada Monastery) -1000m upstream from Casa de Gondomil). Benedectines monastery built in the 11th century. - 7 minutes by boat

4. Memorial de Alpendorada – Stone arch, located in the centre of Alpendorada, built in the 12th century and classified has National Monument (MN) - 5 minutes by car

5. Castro-Citânia Santiago (Arados) – Traces of an old civilization of pre-Roman origin located at the top of “Monte dos Arados” (Arados hill), in Alpendorada. - 10 minutes by car

6. Castro do Monte Mózinho – Fortified village from the end of the Stone Age. Located in Penafiel, at Oldrões, on the road that connects to Entre-os-Rios (EN 106). Classified as a Public Interest Monument (IIP) - 20 minutes by car

7. Cidade Romana de Freixo – Important Roman city Tongobriga, located in a superb spot, right in the junction of Tâmega and Douro rivers. Classified as National Monument (MN). - 25 minutes by car

8. Vila Boa do Bispo Church (MN) and Monastery (IIP) – Millenary construction located at Vila Boa do Bispo, in Marco de Canaveses. - 15 minutes by car

9. Vila Boa de Quires Church (MN)- Located in Vila Boa de Quires, in Marco de Canaveses. - 35 minutes by car

10. Historical nucleus of S. Nicolau – Composed by:

-Roman Church of Sobretâmega (IIP)– Located on the right bank of Tâmega River, in Sobretâmega;

- São Nicolau Church (IIP), São Lázaro Chapel (IIP) and São Nicolau Pillory (MN)- Located on Tâmega left bank, at São Nicolau, in Marco de Canaveses. - 35 minutes by car

11. Church of Santa Maria de Fornos – Designed by the famous portuguese architect Álvaro Siza, which won the Iber Fad prize. Located at Fornos, in Marco de Canaveses. - 25 minutes by car

12. Obras do Fidalgo (IIP) – Unfinished construction from the 18th century, located at Vila Boa de Quires, in Marco de Canaveses. - 35 minutes by car

13. Arcos House (IIP) – Located at Rio de Galinhas, in Marco de Canaveses - 25 minutes by car

14. Tormes House – Belongs to Eça de Queiroz Foundation, located at Santa Cruz do Douro, in Baião. - 35 minutes by car

15. Arqueological Station of Santa Maria do Cárquere – Located in Cárquere, on the left bank of Douro River, in Resende. - 45 minutes by car

16. Carrapatelo Dam – Located in Douro River, with 57 meters of height, it construction was finished in 1972. – 20 minutes by boat

17. Termas de S. Vicente (S. Vicente Spa) – Famous spa, with sulphureous waters recomended for respiratory problems. Located close to Entre-os-Rios. - 15 minutes by car

18. Church of Salvador de Cabeça Santa (MN) – It is part of the Romantic route of “Vale do Sousa” (Sousa River valley) located in Cabeça Santa ® 15 minutes by car.

19. Church of São Miguel de Entre-os-Rios (MN) – It is part of the Romantic route of “Vale do Sousa” (Sousa River valley) located in Eja ® 20 minutes by car.

Note: the times indicated are approximate.